How Cheating Impacts Divorce

When trust has been broken, your dreams betrayed and your life shattered, don't give up. We have an experienced team in place to protect you, gather information and evidence and protect your family. It is important to stay calm, be patient and not make things worse than they already are. Timing, information, wisdom and guidance are everything in moments like these.

These are private, sensitive and painful matters that oftentimes can be resolved before the public, coworkers, or family members ever find out what happened. At the Law Office of David A. Wijewickrama in Waynesville, we have time-tested strategies and tactics that have produced helpful and long lasting results. In many situations, we can protect retirement accounts, homes and children by using separation agreements or special court orders that ensure financial security, justice and protection.

While we are not therapist, clergy or doctors, we can give you the facts and discuss available options to empower and help you in making the choices necessary in a fast and professional manner. It is important during events like these to have someone with experience, wisdom and manpower to protect you in times of crisis.

You Can Sue The Person Who Ruined Your Marriage

North Carolina is among a small handful of states that has an alienation of affection law. This states that you have the legal right to sue the person your spouse cheated with if it resulted in the loss of affection from your spouse.

While an alienation of affection lawsuit occurs outside of the divorce process, it can be used to your advantage during your divorce. Simply telling your spouse and his or her lawyer that you are considering a lawsuit may be enough to obtain a better divorce settlement.

Using Investigators To Prove Alienation Of Affection

Showing proof of alienation of affection is not as simple as proving that the affair occurred. You must also prove that:

  • The affair destroyed the love and affection between you and your spouse.
  • You and your spouse had a happy and loving marriage before the affair occurred.
  • The person your spouse cheated with acted wrongfully and maliciously.

Attorney David A. Wijewickrama has more than a decade of experience handling these matters. He works closely with private investigators across the state who can use the latest technology to track your spouse, gather critical evidence and protect you from harm or violence. These investigators are available 24 hours a day and will travel to wherever the evidence, witnesses or bad behavior may lead.

Phone records, pictures, videos and text messages could make the difference between you landing on your feet or losing your home and causing more harm to your family. The investigators we work with know how to retrieve information off of phones and computers. They use GPS and other state-of-the-art technology to gather evidence, learn the truth and shed light on dirty secrets. We know how to get you answers that will give you peace of mind so that you can move on with the rest of your life.

Protect Yourself, Your Children, Your Life and your Assets From A Traitor Within

We can help you hold a cheater accountable. Call our office at 828-452-5801 or contact us online to schedule a time to discuss your situation with our lawyer.