Protecting Children With Emergency Child Custody Orders

When children are in danger because of their parents or legal guardian, or if someone is threatening to leave the state with them, it is important to act quickly. This can be a scary moment. It is important to know who to turn to prevent anything bad from happening to a child.

At the Law Office of David A. Wijewickrama, we know there is no time to waste when protecting a child's well-being. We assist grandparents and others in Waynesville and throughout western North Carolina who need to seek an emergency child custody order to ensure the safety of a child.

Lawyer David A. Wijewickrama has a reputation for being responsive and acting quickly in his clients' time of need. With over a dozen years of family law experience, he has the knowledge and skills to protect you and the child in need.

When Should You Seek Emergency Custody?

Emergency custody is applicable when a child is at a substantial risk of bodily harm or injury or the custodian has threatened to remove the child from the state of North Carolina. Common scenarios that would warrant an immediate change in child custody include:

  • Domestic violence
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Abandonment
  • Substance abuse by a parent or guardian
  • Removal or attempted removal of a child from the state

We understand that these matters require immediate action to protect a child. Attorney David A. Wijewickrama will work with you to quickly file a petition for emergency custody with the court so the child will receive protection as soon as possible. Nothing is more important to us than ensuring the safety of a child.

Act swiftly with urgency and a sense of crisis. If your child is removed from this state, a painful, catastrophic and costly journey may await your family.

Protecting Grandparents' Rights

Imagine that your child — who has a child of his or her own — is addicted to drugs, suffers mental health illness or habitually makes unhealthy life choices that affect a child. He or she may not be a great parent to your grandchild. In fact, your grandchild may even be in danger of neglect or other harm. In a situation like this, you may want to care for your grandchild yourself, but you may not know how to obtain the necessary legal rights.

Fortunately, when parents are unfit or unable to care for a child, grandparents are given special rights under North Carolina law. Grandparents — and other relatives — are allowed to act in loco parentis, or in place of the parent, when abuse or neglect has occurred. If you are concerned about your grandchild's welfare, we will help you seek the legal standing you need to care for the child yourself.

The Sooner You Call Us, The Sooner We Can Help

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