Friends And Trusted Advocates For The Eastern Band Of Cherokee Indians

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians has its own legal system that few lawyers in western North Carolina understand or are willing to learn. Attorney David A. Wijewickrama, however, knows how important the Cherokee Indian community is to this part of North Carolina. He is certified to practice Cherokee Indian law and has extensive experience representing members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. More than most other attorneys in this area, attorney Wijewickrama understands the unique needs of this community and has a rare appreciation of the culture and values of the Cherokee.

From our office in Waynesville, we provide legal guidance for many types of civil matters, including:

  • Property law, including title disputes and easements
  • Personal injury, including motor vehicle accidents
  • Family law matters, including divorce and child custody
  • Other civil law matters

Our firm recently tried a landmark case on the reservation dealing with a North Carolina corporation breaching a contract on tribal lands. This case allowed the victim to be paid in a fair and timely manner.

Our Approach To The Law

At the Law Office of David A. Wijewickrama, we focus on resolving your issue quickly and in a way that makes sense for you. We know that your legal matter is urgent and we will do everything we can to find the right solution.

One way we do this is through regular communication. Your case affects your life, so it is important for you to know what is going on at all times. We will reach out to you through phone calls and emails and we will answer your questions in a timely manner. It is our goal to empower you to make informed decisions regarding your case.

A Deep Understanding Of The Cherokee Community

Lawyer David A. Wijewickrama has been providing legal guidance to members of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation for many years. He knows the laws and how to work within them to achieve results for his clients. Attorney Wijewickrama serves as the juvenile public defender for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. His has a close relationship with the community and a deep understanding of Cherokee Tribal Court that few other attorneys in the area possess.

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