Alimony/Post-Separation Support

Post-separation support (PSS) and alimony are legal terms used by the Court for money that one spouse may pay another. These terms are confusing and are very different by their purpose. As a matter of modern public policy, Courts frown upon permanent alimony except in special instances or cases. Proving these cases in Court take time and lots of financial documentation and are dependant on over a dozen independent criteria.

Often times Alimony is for a longer duration and occurs after the date of divorce. While PSS is temporary in nature and is never intended to be permanent. PSS may however, continue after divorce in certain instances. In order to receive these support monies, one spouse must prove they are legally in need of the monies. There is however, a special provision that may exist if there has been an affair. These claims require a lot of facts and evidence unless agreed upon ahead of time.

The time period and amount of support is normally established based on a number of factors. These including but are not limited to age and health of each spouse, duration of the marriage, contributions of the dependent spouse, education as well as other factors that may exists in each individual case. These monies normally end on a set date, agreement of the parties, cohabitation, or death of a spouse.

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