PERSONAL INJURY - 9/11 Tort Litigator – Represented Plaintiff families whose families were murdered on September 11 in the Southern District of Manhattan, NY and Washington, D.C.

CIVIL RIGHTS - East Waynesville Baptist Church – Represented families who were forced to leave their Church based on political beliefs.

BREACH OF CONTRACT - Represented Whistle Blowers who shut down Haywood Regional Medical Center in WNC.

CIVIL RIGHTS/BREACH OF CONTRACT - Sued an international travel company for racial discrimination that resulted in an out of Court confidential settlement.

NEGLIGENCE/BREACH OF WARRANTY - Over several years, represented multiple families whose property was destroyed due to slope failure based on violations of the building code and bad engineering practices.

CIVIL RIGHTS/EMPLOYMENT LAW - Sued municipal government for wrongful termination of a county employee in Swain County, NC.

WRONGFUL DEATH - Sued Swain County for wrongful death of an infant while under investigation by Swain County DSS, resulted in multiple criminal convictions of government employees.

BREACH OF CONTRACT/CIVIL RIGHTS - Represented the Sheriff of Cherokee County against the Cherokee County government, after he retired, based on breach of contract, for part of his compensation package known as Special Separation Allowance.

RETAINED REPRESENTATION - I represented Tri-County Community College in Murphy, NC for over 8 years as their staff attorney dealing with contracts, plans policies and procedures, employee issues, title – 9, ADA issues and other employment law related issues. Currently represent small businesses, Worker’s Comp, and Employment Law issues.

Currently represents 4 Sheriff’s Offices. My responsibilities range from defending the agencies against lawsuits, employment law, federal compliance, plans, policies and procedures, internal affairs, reviewing and creating contracts and other representation specific to the individual agencies. I have found this work to be incredibly rewarding and feel privileged to serve the people of Western North Carolina in this capacity.