Trucking Accidents

Tractor-trailer accidents oftentimes are fatal if not debilitating life events. Trucking companies have a team of insurance investigators and agents who rush to a scene in an attempt to save them money you may legally be owed. DO NOT SPEAK TO AN INSURANCE ADJUSTER who represents the trucking company. That said, contact your own insurance carrier and cooperate with them fully. A tragic strategy often times used is when an agent for the truck driver contacts you and asks you for a recorded statement that can later be used against you. Our team has reconstruction investigators, private investigators and retired law enforcement who will act swiftly to gather and preserve evidence that may be of priceless value to you during your legal journey. There is no substitute for eyewitness statements, photographs and physical evidence which often times is destroyed or lost over time.

Oftentimes an accident reconstructionist can make the difference in whether you win or lose your case. We use retired North Carolina State Troopers with decades of experience who go to the scene, speak with witnesses, review reports and offer an honest opinion that will shed light on the cause of your accident. This report makes the difference in settling cases, trying cases and winning cases. Knowing who to call and getting a quick response may make the difference in winning or losing your case.

We will help you understand what an insurance policy covers and what it doesn't and why. We will assist you in obtaining medical liens, talking to health care providers and gathering and keeping track of your medical information to help you prove your damages to a mediator or a jury. We have the experience and staff to help and will act quickly to give you the best chance the law allows.

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