Wrongful Death

In North Carolina, you only have 2 YEARS to file a wrongful death action. The law is complex in determining what a family may ask for from the person, organization or company that killed their loved one. These cases involve expert witnesses, insurance lawyers and adjusters who are more concerned about protecting their money than doing what is right for your family. Sadly, employees who have knowledge of negligent acts will be forced to not remember facts accurately or be encouraged to not remember facts at all and may be faced with losing their jobs if they testify in favor of a victim's family. These are just some of the hurdles that lay ahead for a grieving family desperately in need of legal guidance and experienced representation.

In recent years, the North Carolina legislature has placed a limit on pain and suffering which has ended up hurting the victim's family. While no amount of money can ever replace a loved one, a good law suit, may change the environment in which the death occurred. Lawsuits create media attention, public awareness and focus government attention on dangerous environments that may be able to be changed to avoid future harm to others. We are respectful of the emotional trauma, financial distress and catastrophic harm that results from other people's careless and otherwise avoidable conduct.

Gathering and preserving evidence, nailing down witnesses and developing a fast strategy are key to obtaining a successful outcome. We can help.

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