Whistleblower Claims

As the name indicates, these claims involve an employee or sub-contractor who has evidence, information and knowledge of their employer violating state or federal law. While the laws governing protection of employees are very strict, it still does not eliminate the hardship, stress and bullying an employee could experience or endure.

These cases are fact and evidence intensive and are rarely settled quickly. The law is often times not favorable when it comes to the burden on employees and in some instances is down right discouraging. That said, if an employee can support a claim and back it up with objective evidence, the Courts are protective of their present rights and future protection as well as damage that may occur to ones reputation. These cases are fact specific and very technical in nature. Mediation in these cases is mandatory and often times may include provisions for attorney's fees. As always, it is important to act quickly as evidence often is destroyed, goes missing and memories soon fade. While these actions seem like a high hill to climb, with the proper attorney guiding you, any journey is possible after the first step.

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